Valentine Day

The time for love and the time to spend time with the girl you love, it is a strong holiday for lovers all over the world. Also, if you’re lonely on valentines Day find something you like to do with a friend or just sit at home watching movies with family and friends, for the lonely people in the world I know how you feel the time for loving a person on this day makes you feel horrible inside saying what did I do wrong



Does anyone know how it’s feels to be heartbroken, I’m pretty sure most people do. Being heartbroken is not an enjoyable feeling, the feeling is more like a dissatisfaction feeling. The way you get the heartbroken feeling is seeing the girl you have a. Crush on and ask her out, and she says no, that will put most of the men in a depression state which sucks. I know how it feels to be heartbroken it is not fun it’s a painful state to be in. I’ve had the feeling multiple times in my life I hate to say I had that feeling, but it’s the way of life.

The current generation

IN this current generation that we live in there are good people and there are terrible people, but mostly this generation is full of terrible people, but there are some good people in this generation. I am one of the good people,i see countless bad people because the people they hang around with, For example, people who do drugs, drink alcohol, not the entire generation is totally corrupted by the influence of drugs and alcohol. I know more than a few good people in this current generation, the people i know have a certain lifestyle they live, i have the same lifestyle, i refuse to be corrupted by the terrible people in this generation.